Independent Creative and Art Director


More than 35,000 downloads. Top 1 App Store and Google Store.

Role: Creative Direction/Graphic Design/Art Direction

Kaydy Cain comissioned me to make the launching of the last song of his music album. We wanted to do something special, gamificating and elevating the listening of the song as a reward. We only have 2 weeks since the brief arrived to me so we had to do it quickly.

The song had a beat that was related to some old reaggaeton artist (12 Discípulos) so this was the beggining of the story...

All the copywriting made by Nerea Sancio

Do you want to listen to the last song of “El Juguete de tu Muñeca?First, play the game. The OPNIS or “Objetos Perreadores No Identificados” (Unidentified Perreo Objects) have taken all the perreo from our planet and only one person can take it back: KAYDY CAIN. The 12 Disciples, guardians of reggaeton since the beginning of our times, will give Kaydy a mission: "Go to space, hit the monster that has kidnapped the perreo and bring reggaeton back to our planet."You have 3 lives to get it, but if you fail and you know KAYDY CAIN (lyrycs) you can get extra lives. Ready to play and be the first to hear your new song?

More than 35,000 downloads. Top 1 App Store.

We reached the top 1 in App Store and Google Store and since now, the game has reached more tan 35,000 downloads.

You can listen the song here.
Download the game for IOS here and for Android here.