Independent Creative and Art Director

Los Animales No Son Cosas

Role: Creative

We did it to tell the story of Max and many dogs and cats that have suffered the consecuences of being considered “things” on the Spanish Civil Code. Beacuse in our country, in a car accident, a seizure of property or a divorce, they are treated just like any other object. 
This campaign was created to amplify the messafe and in order to get signatures in a change.com campaign.

It’s time to change the law and tell to the world that #AnimalesNoSonCosas (Animals Are Not Things).

We did it! The law have been changed, animals won’t be no longer considered things.




In a second round, Affinity Foundation wanted to show to the world their programms of assited therapies with pets, and how they can help to overcome a depression. We did this video to show a real case.